Music Is a Gift from God

God has given us a great gift, a gift that can be used or misused. A gift that when used correctly can be used to worship Him and bring glory and honor to Him. That gift is Music. Music is a gift from God that I am very grateful for.

In fact, I can’t imagine what life would be like without music. Let’s try to imagine that for a minute. No hymns to sing at church. No Christmas carols or Handel’s Messiah during the holidays. No Happy Birthday song at a birthday party. No singing of Christ The Lord Is Risen Today on Resurrection Day. No getting together with friends to play music. No lively marches or bagpipes to clean by. I could keep going and going.

By now you must realize how very different life would be with no music. But, just relax. Take a deep breath. We do have music, lots of wonderful music to enjoy.

Music is an important part of my life. Nearly every day I spend time practicing my guitar. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from it: patience, why I need to stick with something when it’s hard, how to get through (not over) stage fright, ways to teach myself if I don’t have a teacher, what to look for in a new instrument.

Hopefully, I can share some helpful advice with you, and you can do the same with me. Music is something I love talking about. In fact, sometimes I like talking about it more than practicing. After all, let’s admit it. No stringed instrument player really likes those sore, blistered or calloused fingertips, do they? No wind instrument player enjoys that light-headed feeling when they are getting low on oxygen, do they? But without practice, we wouldn’t be musicians, only people who talk about music.

I hope you are as excited about the music posts as I am! Leave a comment and let me know what instrument you play, or what instrument you would like to play if you do not play one. You can also leave any ideas for music posts that you would like to see here in the future!


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