Contemporary Fiction

H.E.L.P. Series

#1 Tornado Tragedy

A storm brews. Tension builds. Can peace prevail?

The Hardings’ home is anything but peaceful with the constant clashes of Jennie and her six siblings, each with a different personality.

In the midst of sibling squabbles comes a large ministry opportunity: raising money to keep a local missions organization from closing. But what seems like a chance for them to finally learn to work together, quickly escalates into stormy words and more arguments.

Jennie’s new puppy and a mysterious locked chest do not help matters any, as they distract the siblings from their goal, and the Hardings’ elderly neighbors are trying to discourage them from working to save the ministry. Will the siblings ever learn to work together and show each other love and kindness?

Paperback: Tornado Tragedy

E-book: Tornado Tragedy

#2 Icy Interference

An icy road. An unheeded warning. A frustrating delay.

The Hardings are excited for their first HELP adventure, cleaning up after an ice storm. But on the way, they find themselves caught in more winter weather. One bad decision leaves them stranded, unable to get to their destination. While some blame the ones they feel are responsible for the delay, others wonder what God’s plan is in the situation.

As they wait, hoping they can soon continue on their way, they see doors of opportunity opening: searching for the intended recipient of a long overdue letter, working alongside a pastor’s family to help those affected by the ice storm they were caught in, and learning the importance and meaning of honoring their parents. Did God have a purpose in them being stranded after all?

Paperback: Icy Interference

E-book: Icy Interference

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H.E.L.P. #3 Fiery Failure

Kitty & Kate or Switching Places

A historical fiction story about two girls in the 1850s