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As most of you know, my sister Bethany M. Griggs has just published her first book, Willow. And today, I have the privilege of interviewing one of the characters. I’ll be interviewing Grant Sutherland, the main character Libby’s younger brother. Contrary to popular opinion, he’s one of my favorite characters in the book.

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Welcome to my blog, Grant. Let’s jump right into the questions. We already know that Willow was Libby’s special horse on your family’s ranch. What horse did you have, and how did you feel when he or she was sold?

I had a quarter horse named Stormy. We’d made a lot of memories together, so it was hard seeing her sold. Well, actually I didn’t stick around to see it happen. I left and let Dad do it for me. I’m sure he didn’t mind. I was pretty mad I didn’t get to keep my horse like Libby did, but I happened to owe Dad some money at the time, so there wasn’t anything I could do.

Name one person who has had a big impact on your life and tell how they have done so.

Can I break the rules a little bit on this one? I’m going to name two people, one who impacted me positively and one negatively. For the positive, I’d definitely have to go with my mom. She did everything she could to give my sister and me a wonderful childhood on the ranch. The negative impact would just as definitely go to my dad. In all the ways that Mom was there for us, Dad never was, and it became even more apparent the older we got.

What’s a favorite memory from growing up on the ranch?

One time when Libby and I were around twelve and ten, we were out riding horses. The horse she was riding (I think it was Molly if I remember right), spooked for some reason. We never were quite sure why. Anyway, she bolted, and Lib hung on as long as she could, but she finally lost her grip and went flying off, landing right in a puddle. She wasn’t hurt at all, but she was soaked, and none too happy that her horse headed home without her. We were way out in a far pasture, and she certainly didn’t want to walk that far.

Anyway, I told her she could ride with me, so she swung up in front of me. With the wind hitting us, you can imagine how I was nearly as wet and muddy as her by the time we got back to the house. Mom just laughed over it, told us to go take showers, and had cherry pie and milk waiting for us when we returned. That’s a story we laughed over for years afterward, and I can still imagine the sight we must have looked when we walked in that day dripping mud.

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

Well, I lost a family member not too long ago, but my author says I can’t say who it was. You’ll have to read my sister’s book to find that out. But yeah, if I could, I’d go back in time and not let that family member get sick and die.

Where did the zucchini bread really come from?

Huh? What zucchini bread? That’s rather a personal question, and I’m not sure I like you knowing about the small details of my life. Let’s just say that it came from the gettin’ place and call that good, okay?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Definitely an extrovert. I’ve always liked being around people, and I’ve often been told that I’m the life of the party.

Besides riding horses and playing mancala, what are some similar interests you and Libby share?

Hmm, that’s a tough question. Why did you have to say besides the two main things we like doing together? We’ve always been close, but we’re also really different from each other. Oh, I know one! We both like eating cherry pie.

How do you feel about being a character in a book?

I’m not sure I like it. It seems like the zucchini bread was mentioned, and it makes me wonder what else was put in there. As long as I was portrayed accurately as the funny and likable guy I am, then I don’t think I mind being in a book.

Thanks for being here with us, Grant. I’m sure my readers have enjoyed getting acquainted with you.

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Loss. Desolation. Heartache. Will she ever discover her Best Friend?

For Libby Sutherland, life is starting to feel like one big loss. Loss of health. Loss of family. Loss of friends. She draws joy from the lives of the children in the daycare where she babysits and the horse therapy ranch where she volunteers.

But when her chronic illness takes a dive, even these are threatened. The one place Libby is able to share her grief is with her arms around the neck of her beloved horse, Willow. When Willow is suddenly out of reach, where can Libby turn?

Will she ever learn to confide in Jesus and truly know Him as her Best Friend?

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I’m so excited my sister has gotten her book published. Willow is a lovely story, and I can’t wait for each one of you to get to read it!

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    Thank you so much for sharing, Hannah!! And you came up with some great questions! I liked them even if Grant wasn’t so keen on the one. 😉

    1. Thanks for letting me interview him! I enjoyed hearing his answers. Glad you enjoyed it, even if some of the questions were a bit of a challenge! 😄

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